Sep 26, 2017


Hello, My name is Keith Marrett and I am excited to share this information with you the reader. I became a member of GOODLIFE USA a little over 1 month ago... Approximately fifteen (15)  years ago I began my quest in trying to make  extra income online and have failed miserably several times.  I  always hear that 97% fail in an attempt to make money online but being the optimist that I am, I saw my self in the top 3% and after 15 years of not giving up I can say that I am in that 3%  bracket. Just make sure that as you read this post you're seated and your seatbelt is fastened, because what you're about to discover is extremely disruptive, mind blowing and a total game-changer.   Unfortunately  you might have had experiences with pyramid schemes or companies that promised you something they couldn't deliver and so having little to no success you now feel that making money online is either too difficult or simply not possible. 
Having been an online marketer for so many years I realize that the traditional approach to networking just dosen't have an appeal to me anymore.  In fact, it has caused people to look at me in a not so favorable manor in the past especially when they lost their investments on something I'd introduced. I have learned what I desire in a company that I seek to join, as well as what I clearly do not desire . GOODLIFE USA  really had the right combination for me and that's why after being an IBO ( Independent business owner) I am having good success rather quickly  for the first time almost effortlessly...... 

With its simple business model, and ABC approach, getting leads is no more an issue for me.. There are no complicated websites to navigate, dosen't require any high priced lead generating systems, auto- responders witrh high monthly payments, or the need to be computer savvy. It has one of the most * Powerful and lucrative comp- Plan I've ever come across and I've seen quite a few.  There are no jumping through hoops trying to maintain monthly quotas.  If you are an individual new to the world of online marketing, or you are someone who have been in the game for a while, It will take just a moment to see how extremely easy GOODLIFE USA can help your business grow as well as an additional income stream for you.. Keep reading it gets BETTER.
Some highly important things one should look for before making a commitment to joining any opportunity is:  
1) Does the CEO have credibility as it relates to integrity, overall success as a online network builder, and how is track record of the individual.
2) Does the product have real value, affordable, easy to accept by people, and easy to share.
3) What is the startup cost and what is the income potential for personal efforts made by you or I.
4) Do I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that I'm genuinely helping someone experience something beneficial with no added burden to him or her.


In the current economic climate that we are facing, how critical do you think it is to be on top of your game when it comes to making good financial decisions? 
GOODLIFE USA  gives the experienced as well as the newbie the most incredible chance than any thing I have ever seen.. With a well designed business structure, easy to navigate back office, its low start up cost, its well needed services is simply remarkable. In addition, being able to travel and shop online receiving mind blowing savings and cash back is another thing that sets it apart from the rest.  Also, its lucrative compensation plan, and the fact that it is relatively new to the masses allow those who act early see the incredible benefit for doing so.

 You simply hand out a ". $2000 dollars VIP club card for "free" or you can sell cards for $10.00  to anyone, anywhere. It could be a great gift, or something to show appreciation to an individual, your organizationas as well as it could be an excellent fundraiser... The VIP card can also be requested digitally. You just simply email, text, or call someone from any of the states in the USA. The same can also be done people in Canada and the Philippines.  Have the individual go to your website, and request VIP CARD which they will be able to set up an account basic information required and begin to shop and save right away.. 
When card is activated it can be used for savings on hotels, condos, resorts, staycations, and online shopping at places like Walmart. Are you getting excited yet? If not that's probably because you're thinking....what's the catch right?  




This is it: You have to do what you"ve being doing already... (shop and save..). There are simply no strings attached. Goodlife USA is looking for subscribers and is willing to allow its IBOs to  hand out VIP savings cards to give people a taste of the great savings in the hope that the recepiant will choose to become a subscriber and continue experience long term savings.


GOODLIFE USA allows us to purchase each VIP card for no more than 20 cents and for as little as 8 cents depending on the order.
Each $2000 VIP  card given out has the potential of making the IBO $1000. 
When the card holder uses the VIP club card and saves $2000. Imagine handing out 1 thousand VIP cards and getting paid $1000 every time the individual saves $2000. Ok we don"t live in a perfet world so suppose this happens 20% appose to 100% do you see how much this could bring you financially... Another example is this: If an individual uses the card for the first time and saves $500 you will earn $250...
Now why would someone refuse a free $2000 card with so much value that can be used at over 400.000 hotels etc? The commission that is earned can be recieved via mail, directly to your bank account, or directly on a card which you can request.  

The travel industry alone is an over 7 TRILLION DOLLAR industry, and wouldn't you love to get a piece of it? 

To be able to do all the things you can do including online shopping with the VIP club cards is truly a game changer. For those who is currently struggling or have struggled online before, there are simply no more excuses not to have success. A newbie can literally change his or her financial situation in a relitively short time with this company. THIS IS NO PYRAMID SCHEME OR GET RICH QUICK SCHEME and make me really love being a part of GOODLIFE...
It brings simplicity to home based business minded individuals especially to the newbie who is trying to earn an income online and don't want to feel like they have to go through a maze, complicated steps, or hoops in order to  have any success... Many people have two jobs, have a family, going to school and just don't have the time to go through weeks of training, meetings, trying to build a list of friends and families to go hassle, or learn to do cold calls.  We're talking about individuals not interested in learning how to market on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,  email marketing, SEO, YouTube, or anything else. This is great news because simplicity is just what GOODLIFE brings.  At this point there should be a sense of excitement bubbling inside, but keep reading because it gets  even better.
If you have read this far then I seriously believe you are on your way to totally revolutionizing your financial situation. The joy that I'm getting from being an IBO is not  coming solely from my success but the excitement and success I see from those that I've introduced  this amazing company to. 

( CEO) Mark Seyforth is someone with an extensive and impressive resume and with a little research you can get information on his background as a network marketer...


GOODLIFE  offers incredibly savings and if that's just what you're interested in only you can have access as a subscriber which is fine.. However,  if you like I and is  on a quest for life changing income, then it is yours for the taking and that is exactly what I'm doing.
The kind of income you can make with GOODLIFE USA is simply astounding.
The best approach I would recommend  is to get all the information needed through the website which you will find the link below. You can also reach out to a leader such as myself by calling 646-528- 8699 as well as others to insure that you"re making the best decision for yourself and your family. Most individuals fail because of refusing to TAKE ACTION.  Are you one of those individuals? I hope not . Taking action ironically  in most cases is the simplest, and arguable ,the most difficult thing for people to do... Would you agree? I would say to you that at all cost, try not to wait after reading this article for someone to hand you a free $2000 club card 1,2,3,4,5,6, months down the road when they could be in your business because you took action early and passed out $2000 VIP cards.

Friends & families.
People you meet on a daily basis.
People you already do business with.
Anyone who CAN USE A $2000 gift card and shop online
Don't be discouraged by people who are  cynical or overly skeptical about  GOODLIFE... Not everyone will see the power and benefit of  this program.. The BIG question for you is this and this only.... , is your WHY BIG enough? as  you look to achieve  peace of mind, gain financial freedom, or be positioned to retire in several years for being a part of Goodlife's " Legacy Tree"  That's what I did and now stand as a pioneer  something so special not many people would understand how " Powerful" that is unless they have been pioneers before with the right company. Secretaries at the begining of IBM, and a company like Apple are now millioneers for being at the begining of these great companies and took action...

GOODLIFE USA offers the option of being an IBO and share all their products including the $2000 VIP savings card.for $79.00 and $9.95 per month which can earn you a substancial amount of income in commissions)... Another option is to( become an IBO for $79 and get your Platinum subscription for a one time payment of  $299 and a $49 monthly subscription fee and be able to enjoy all the benefits of Goodlife USA. At this level if you sell just one (1) Platinum subscription for $299 with the $59 monthly subscription fee he or she will pay, you will  automatically be placed in the ( 2 x 20 social network) which pays out commissions as it grows with your own efforts, spillovers from leaders above, and those who enrolled after you as well.. You also have other teams that is not directly in your team that can be automatically be placed in your team  something called (Shared Team) This is patent pending and have never been done before.




You also will be placed in the (Legacy Tree) which is like having a retirement allowing you to see significant earnings which could be in the thousands after 3 to 4 years... You will also receive fast start comissions of $100 for everyone you enrolled and $5.00 every month in commissions. 

Qualification for this is mentaining ( 50 PCV) personal commissionable volume) each month. your personal subscription is 25 CV and 25 CV could come form selling a subscription which would give you 25 CV making it a total of 50 PCV in could also earn CV's from the VIP cards that is used when given out and all the other products that is purchased by them as well... This is the easiest qualification I have seen in my over 15 years of being in the industry. The potential income one could earn is simply astounding..




Someone receives the VIP card and is able to use it to get savings until it is used up and is not obligated to make any commitment to be a subscriber of GOODLIFE USA...
That  individual who becomes an IBO have the option of becoming a subscriber with an innitial $299 set up fee and a monthly fee of $49.00 

Added to this amazing package is having 30 minutes per month to have your own personal travel Concierge where you can call and get personal quality assistant with all your booking arrangements and questions you may have concerning travel plans... 


You can become a basic ( IBO) for just a one time payment of

$79.95 and receive fifty (50) VIP savings card  each with the potential of earning  you commissions.. This comes with  monthly fee of $9.95 and you can purchase new VIP cards whenever you want to. Each card will cost you no more than twenty(20) cents and can cost you as little as eight (8) cents depending on your order. With this package you will only receive commission only when someone uses the cards to save on the things listed in this post.

You will be able to receive fast start commissions, team tree bonuses , Quick pay tree bonuses, and retail commissions, which is all tracked and can be easily seen in your back office.. 

 Hands down I personally feel that GOODLIFE USA stands out above the rest and is a gift to me for not giving up or quitting on my belief that life changing income could be made online. This truly gives the entrepreneur the enormous possibility to not only earn enormously but to have a retirement in 2 to 4 years from the date of being qualified for the " Legacy Tree" ...This is something like a 41K.


As an (IBO)  (Independent business owner),  you can receive special tax incentives every year.
Products are low cost allowing it to be affordable for the average person. 
Subscribers can receive all kinds of savings on insurance policies, car purchases, home purchases, online shopping, movie tickets, sports game, theme parks, resorts, hotels, staycations and a host of other things.  
To top it off, as an IBO with your subscription you get four(4) different  well put together website which allows you to market the different aspects of Goodlife USA with effectiveness and compliancy. You will also have an amazingly easy to navigate back office to help you  track  your VIP cards commissions, how your team is growing and other important aspects of Goodlife...


In your back office thereare a ton of resources to help you grow your business. You have informational videos, and reading materials and so much more  to keep you in the know.  With just one click you can order (digital VIP cards) (Physical cards) and other Goodlife"s products.  There ABC step by step process really is remarkable and makes it  fun and seamless for even the " Newbie) 
Commissions can be directed to a bank  account of your choice, mailed to you, or deposited on a special card that you can request.

 Outstanding Earning Potential as you move up the ranks  and bonuses like cars, boats, and an ultimate prize of ( One million dollars) 
In Goodlife's 2 X 20 matrix  and  the shared team concept, getting spill overs happens on an on going basis and you end up with individuals from other teams you don't even know.. YOU ARE ONLY REQUIRED TO EARN 50 PVC monthly to earn from the other five (5) ways that GOODLIFE USA pays out...  Now how cool is that? 
IBOs also make commissions from the monthly membership fee form individuals in their team which  can basically allow yours to eventually be free...


Working for 30 or 40 years at a job you don't love, being paid for less than you're worth, and a pension that can still leave you having it hard to make ends meet after retirement  is HARD...Deciding to become an independent business owner with Goodlife USA and work towards becoming financially independent is also another  HARD. With that said, which of the HARD are you going to choose.  My challenge to you is, why not take action and become an ( IBO) with GOODLIFE USA. to get started please CLICK HERE
 Get on board immediately!!!
 SHARE with as many people as you can,

TEACH others to do the same if they decide to join you & radically change one's  financial situation.

GOODLIFE USA CAN BE USED IN CONJUCTION WITH ANY OTHER MLM OR DIRECT SALES COMPANY. No one needs to change what their currently doing. By adopting the GOODLIFE approach of client, customer, or team APPRECIATION, giving out VIP cards this can cause a rapid explosion in one business online or offline. Are you now able to see the "POWER " of this company and the short as well as long potential it has for those who are able to grab it and run with it...

If you believe and can see it in your mind, then join me and lets make it a reality. DOCUMENTATION BEATS PRESENTATION  EVERYTIME...
You will have great support with many tools and resources available to help you succeed. 
You know you deserve it so go ahead and  and begin your journey to "FINANCIAL FREEDOM"  CLICK HERE











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